Funeral for The Wig.

The first time they told us the park was going to get demolished was in 2014 shortly after the first build. We made it all the way to 2019! We actually had a funeral for it once already a year ago or so when the mayor declared the property “not vacant” and announced there would be a huge condo development starting soon. This funeral was more planned, and a perfect sunny day fell right between to rainy days for us. We had a blast, so many people showed love, and we ended it with karaoke. The park is slated for demo in the next two weeks. Here’s my photos from the day.

Tyler & Cooper

I have shot so many photos of Tyler and Coop. Almost every time he skates the wig he brings him. I always just grab my camera and follow them around. On this day I finally got a photo I liked more than the others. I want to do some kind of dog influenced series soon. Get to the wig while you still can!


Serendipity Show

Happy to finally announce my latest show. Serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. This show encompasses various mediums of film that highlight the results of mystery and uniqueness which occurs between the photographers initial snap to end development. Shooting film creates a unique experience that is not only fun & exciting but also reveals end results that can be totally serendipitous. The show is up starting in April. The opening reception is Thursday April 11th 7pm. This is the largest show I’ve had and the largest prints I’ve ever made! I hope to see you there to celebrate!


Nain Rouge 2019

Finally back from my blog hiatus. Been busy planning a show that I will post more about soon. Nain is always one of my favorite days of the year. This year I was like “I’m just gonna chill and not bring my camera.” Im glad I did, and I love seeing everyone dressed up and it happens to be right outside my door. Great times.