November 19th 2016

On this day one year ago I shot my first roll on a canon sure shot that was given to me when my grandpa passed away. I was bored and it was raining so I drove around to see what I could get into. Before I knew it I was out for 3 hours and shot a whole roll of weird signs all around the city. I figured i'd make a zine or something but never really did. Here are the photos. RIP Jack Green. Click to make photos larger.

Also Gone.

I have taken quite a few photos of this hoop that was in Del Ray at a crumbling recreation center. After I posted one Andrew from SMPLFD Clothing told me he was actually the one who painted the hoop. One day I even stepped on a nail and had to drive myself to the ER with a shoe full of blood. It's only a matter of months before this whole city is demolished for the new Gordie Howe bridge to Canada. Sad to see that this hoop was gone the other day, hopefully they preserved it.


For some reason I feel like lately a lot of stuff is changing. Most likely i'm just over thinking, however I was pretty sad to see that the last time I went by these dresses near The Heidelberg Project, they were gone. Here is a photo of them on a foggy day awhile back. 

Mongo Mash - PG Birthday 10/28/2017

Last Saturday along with Pluskateboarding we had a Halloween themed event at The Wig called the "Mongo Mash". It was also Pat Galloway's birthday. In the morning the park was soaked and we didn't know if it would ever dry because of how cold it was, and of course the sun wasn't out. By midday the park was dry. All the homies ended up showing up, and it turned out really fun. Enjoy some photos below, shot on ektar 100 film. Click to make larger. 

Korean Bell

The other day I was going through a hard drive and saw this photo of my friend Dale Decker doing a fast plant at the "Korean Bell" in San Pedro, California. This was on September 27th, 2015. I always liked the way this trick looked, and how the guy is escorting his girl while looking at the trick. Thanks Dale.  Stay tuned for my next blog post that will be from a Halloween Party at The Wig.