Place & Time

I'm having my first solo photo show in a couple weeks. I took a photo out skateboarding one day that reminded me a lot of the Grant Brittain push photo of Tod Swank from the 80's. Over time I started to feel that I was lucky to come across some really crazy light. I accumulated a few photos and started thinking I should have a show featuring this concept. For awhile I just kinda forgot about it. Until we started going into a coffee/leather shop down the street from our apartment, and seeing lots of cool art in their gallery. I started to think it would be a good fit. We saw that the gallery was empty and asked if we it was possible and they were down. I'm thankful my friends are able to be patient with me and do stuff like this, and that Will Leather Goods is letting us do the show. There will be a couple DJ's, game of skate, and good times! 7-10pm September 29th. 4120 Second Ave Detroit, MI 48201. Show will also be up for one month!

Gibraltar Trade Center

On a random Sunday awhile back, after being at the Auto Show, Derrick, Ben, Pat, and I decided to go to Gibraltar Trade Center. Derrick was the only one who had been there. He has it tattooed on him so that says enough. The place was crazier than I expected, so much crazy stuff. From sex shops, vintage signs, fake yeezys, and questionable sports memorabilia. Derrick even scored yet another custom "Hoe Check" hoody, and Pat got a ring that broke a week after. It had me wondering about the vendors. It is now closed unfortunately I only got to go this time. Glad I got to experience it once. Shot with a canon sure shot, and ilford 50 speed film. 

The Wig's Third

Yesterday we celebrated The Wig's third birthday. It may end up being its last but this was definitely another classic MI skateboarding event, and a great way to celebrate. We also celebrated the life of Michael Mollahan a fellow skateboarder who passed in December. Thanks to everyone who came out! Heres some photos, click to make larger. 

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

For those who don't know Go Skateboarding Day is June 21st. The longest day of the year, and first day of summer. It fell on a Wednesday this year so I was unsure of how many people would show up. Any doubt I had was wrong, so many people came out! We had a few different contests going on, grilled hot dogs, and celebrated from 1-10pm. Here's some photos I took throughout the day. 

6/09-6/10 Film

During our latest build which could be the last I shot a roll on my stylus of portra 400. Fun times. 


After framing the ramp until 1am Friday night we were tired but knew we had to be back up in the morning to pour the cement.  


The pour went well despite us being up late the night before. We mixed 80 bags and had too much help. We ended up being there from 11am until 10pm. Crazy weekend but we worth it once we saw what tricks people started doing on it. Another post soon with photos from go skateboarding day. Peace.