Ludington/Hamlin Lake October 1-2

A few friends and I went on a weekend trip up to my dads place on Hamlin Lake. We got into town Friday night around 11 and went to some bars. We got flagged into the dance floor by an older lady that whispered "it only takes one old lady" to us. The next day we went to downtown Ludington, skated the skate park, and relaxed. On the way home the last day we stopped in Grand Rapids to skate Clemente Park. Braydon and everyone who built it did a great job! Epic weekend trip considering we almost didn't go because of rain in the forecast.

My dads fish house. Epic sign included. 

My dads fish house. Epic sign included. 

After chilling at a couple bars the night we got in we got some rest hoping it would be dry the next morning. We woke up to a peaceful dry day and headed to the skate park in downtown Ludington. Only Matt had been to the park before and usually new parks are always fun. This one was no different it was really fun, not to mention it was on the beach! We even hooked a kid up with a board.


After skating the park for more than three hours I convinced the guys to walk/skate the pier. I knew with it raining in the distance there was some photo possibilities I couldn't pass up. Once we got to the end I asked Pat to do a trick one more time and his board slept out and went into the water. He attempted to climb in to get it but realized it was ten feet down. Bummer, but we still had fun, and even got to see and amazing sunset. 


On Sunday we knew we wanted to hit Grand Rapids and go to Clemente Park. It was an hour and a half from Ludington so we headed out around noon. It is a DIY park built by some guys that have visited out DIY park quite a few times. They did a great job building and it was very fun to skate. The best part was watching Braydon skate with his dog chasing him around. Wish I didn't run out of film and could've got more. We ended the trip by going to Founders Brewery. I knew it was there but didn't know how good the sandwiches would be. We were also lucky enough to see a cool twenty person jazz band playing as well. Can't wait to do this same trip and more soon!