Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico January 11th - 14th. A friend of mine asked me to go down to PR for a January skate vacation. At first I was skeptical because of finances like usual. I decided fuck it I'm not missing this, and it was only four days. I quickly found out you need way more than four days on that island. I saw so many things just from the van that I wish I could have stopped to see. I can't believe how much we did in so little time.

We started off by getting in at 5am to an arrival beer waiting for us. The fist day was full of Medalla Light, a beach down the street, and an epic plaza to skate. I then found out we would be making our way two hours west to Rincon. Later that day we made the drive and ate some perfect tacos at place we ended up calling the taco jail because there were jail like bars around it. The next day we ended up at a beach called crash boats beach. This place was heavenly, with fresh coconuts being served and huge waves.

After that we traveled to a place called Mayaguez, but not before eating and playing pool on a mountain over looking the ocean. In Mayaguez there was a skate park that seemed DIY but not, and was on the beach. At this point I couldn't believe my eyes. The nightlife in Rincon was great we started off by getting some kind of alcoholic coconut drink on the water. After we ventured downtown to see some art at a fair and catch a show at the taco jail. The music ended up being super cool, and there it was a very surfer like atmosphere. (Later on I found out the city is famous for surfing). Leaving Rincon was sad but before we parted ways we at brunch and drank pina coladas at a beach restaurant. On our drive back we were checking some spots and got a pin to skate park. We took a wrong turn and ended up at one of the most epic spots we had seen. We had to race the light but managed to get down on it before driving back.

It was a bummer to leave but we headed back to Old San Juan where we would spend our last day. This airbnb was definitely the best one yet. That night we went out in the city to find that most of the people were super young, so we got some rest for early pre flight missions in the morning. We woke up got coffee and headed straight to a beach front skate plaza. Dodging the rain was hard but once it stopped we ended up at one of the best skate spots San Juan has to offer. We all loved the spot so much we were losing track of time. A few of us still wanted to take photos in Old San Juan before we left. There wasn't much time but we made it happen, even after running as fast as we could through the city to get back to the car. It was jam packed but couldn't have asked for a better trip! I felt like I was outside of the country, seeing people riding horses, street cats everywhere, and super cheap beer, but were were still in the US cant wait to go back!!!