Place & Time

I'm having my first solo photo show in a couple weeks. I took a photo out skateboarding one day that reminded me a lot of the Grant Brittain push photo of Tod Swank from the 80's. Over time I started to feel that I was lucky to come across some really crazy light. I accumulated a few photos and started thinking I should have a show featuring this concept. For awhile I just kinda forgot about it. Until we started going into a coffee/leather shop down the street from our apartment, and seeing lots of cool art in their gallery. I started to think it would be a good fit. We saw that the gallery was empty and asked if we it was possible and they were down. I'm thankful my friends are able to be patient with me and do stuff like this, and that Will Leather Goods is letting us do the show. There will be a couple DJ's, game of skate, and good times! 7-10pm September 29th. 4120 Second Ave Detroit, MI 48201. Show will also be up for one month!