New York

I spent the last weekend of March in New York. I always wanted to go but had never pulled the trigger. The main reason for going was to go to Jenkem's new book release party. As well as skate, wander around, and see friends. I figured it'd be a perfect time to try out a roll of the recently resurrected Kodak tmax 3200. Pretty hyped on how the photos came out! Can't wait to shoot another roll. Click photos to make larger. 

World Trade Center. 

Words to live by. 

Jesus Saves. 

My favorite car, the El Camino. 

My favorite car, the El Camino. 

Classic Mercedes. 

Classic Mercedes. 

Steve Botsford - Gap out to 180 nosegrind. 

Jake Miller, ladies and gentlemen. 

L train all day. 

Randomly was walking towards the World Trade Center and spotted a couple people skating this, and watching for cops/traffic. It was hectic for sure. I asked one of the guys if I could shoot one of the tries and they said yes. Then I asked what the dudes name was. They told me his name was Tino Del Zotto. I looked him up on Instagram and the first clip was him landing this trick. Stoked to see him get it and get the shot!

Hendy - Kickflip outside of Brooklyn Banks. 

Graver - wallride.

Overall a great trip! I definitely want to go back once its warmer. Thank you to Jenkem, Derrick, Pogo, Steve, Jeremy, Garrett, Hendy, Bobby, Graver, Pat Smith, Jake, and anyone else we chilled with! Look out for a 12 page spread on The Wig with my photos coming out in the Jenkem Volume 2 book that will be available in May!