Never Give Up.

A little while ago I was told about a spot by my very nice friend Jeff. When I first saw it I knew we needed to add a bit of cement to make it better. Pat and I decided to go one weeknight a few days before the weekend so we could cement it and then give it a few days to cure. Everything went super well we got the cement mixed, it took less time then we thought, and even less cement. Once we were finalizing it someone came on the loudspeaker at the business next door and yelled “we see you,” “get the fuck off the property,” and “we have called the cops.” We finished the last touches but knew they were probably going to destroy it anyway. Once the weekend hit we still planned to skate it. We brought signs and anything that we could use to skate it even if they messed it up. When we got there we learned they did destroy it. However we wouldn’t give up, they still left the gate wide open so we duct taped two signs to it and did our best to skate it. It wasn’t easy but we had the neighbors filming us and they were hyped to see what we were doing. Look for the pivot to fakie photo in Skate Jawn’s eight year anniversary issue out now, and the footage in a new Coda skateboards project releasing soon. NEVER GIVE UP.