Wigs 4th Birthday.

This past Sunday we celebrated The Wig's fourth birthday, as most people know it wasn't supposed to make it this far. I'm wondering if it will ever go?or will they build stupid looking unaffordable condos? Either way we had to celebrate. We got some gear from REAL, Spitfire, Krooked, and Refuge to give out. The decision was to have the first ever one-minute run contest. It worked out pretty well and we had about twenty-five competitors. Jerry from WUB even got us custom CP work vests! It was just like most summer weekends at the park a lot of good homies, meeting new people, grilling, and relaxing. Hopefully somehow it makes it to five! 

Easily one of my favorite moments of the day below, this kid was riding his bike around and he stopped for a sec. Johnny didn't even ask but ollied over his bike while the kid was still on it. I wasn't ready to get a photo because it happened so quick. I asked him if Johnny could try it again. Two tries later we got it. Everyone was hyped!

After the run contest Derrick made a shark board with a custom graphic featuring his son Oliver, and he wanted to see a best trick using the board. Joey, and JZ got down with the board, and later on Joey got iced. 

As always the OG Larry had to come through to hype event up. 

Super fun day! Above are the winners of the contest Jeremy Cooper, Johnny Cleary, and Justin Zimmerman. As well as the band “native sun” that closed it out for us. Thanks again to everyone for showing up, great times!