Packard Plant Tour

This summer Tone let me tag along with him at the Packard Plant, I met up while I was on my way to work. It was nice being able to explore the whole place without worrying about anyone messing with you. Thanks Tone!

Coda Photo Show

We are back at Will Leather Goods in MIdtown Saturday December 8th. This time we will be showing a new video with Johnny, Geoffro, and a full part from Pat. I will have some photos up along with it. As well as Hebert as the DJ and beer by Detroit Beer Co. See you there!


First Tone

Every time I put a new roll of film in my Minolta I always plot what to do with the first shot. One day it came to my mind to ask Tone to do some kind of air. At first I hoped I got it lined up so you could see where he was airing from around where the burn line is. I told him we had only one try, but I knew he had it cuz I’ve seen him do this a million times. When I got the film back I was pretty hyped on how this came out.  As always, another reason why I love film and the uncertainty of it. Thanks Tone!


Hamlin Lake Weekend.

A weekend of fun at my dads cottage on Hamlin Lake. These photos were shot with my Stylus using the psychadelic blues film. I was really hyped to try the film at night, and I like how they came out. A few were shot by Donald. Great times, can't wait to go back! Great group of guys.