House of Vans Detroit

Here’s a few shots from a roll of film I shot while working at HOV. This event was easily the biggest we have been a part of and I think we killed it. We build a whole store, made a bunch of new merch and made so many new friends! It was amazing to meet people we have looked up to for years, and see them wearing our shirts! Thank you Vans, Creative Drinking, Joe Brook, Greg Hunt, Steve Van Doren, Christian Hosoi, Peter, House of Vans, Jason Smith, Jay Howell, Quasi, Alltimers, Quartersnacks, Sky High, and especially everyone who came and checked us out!

New Coda Ad

This photo is in Lowcard as a Coda Skateboards ad. I was always really hyped on this photo, because I saw that he did this and asked him to go back for a photo. Below the photo is an outtake of Derrick getting in the way. 


Thankful for another great year! Here’s some of my favorite digital photos from start to finish. Love everyone. Happy new year! 2019 let’s get it!!

Coda Skateboards Detroit Show 12-08-2018

Jeremy Cooper made a new video of the Detroit Coda team, Pat Galloway, Johnny Cleary, and Geoffro. Pat and I have talked about doing a photo show with the video for over a year. So we decided to have it at Will Leather Goods, because they are always down to let us do anything we want, pretty much whenever. Below are the photos I used in the show, great times! Thank you Coda, Detroit Beer Co. Jeremy, Pat Smith, Johnny, PG, Hebert, and Will Leather Goods!!

Packard Plant Tour

This summer Tone let me tag along with him at the Packard Plant, I met up while I was on my way to work. It was nice being able to explore the whole place without worrying about anyone messing with you. Thanks Tone!